Technology has reached a critical point compared to the generations before. Machines now possess new skills (Speaking, Hearing, Seeing, Understanding and answering) creating direct threats to the old ways of life and particularly to existing jobs. There will be disruption and inequality as machines replace process-oriented jobs across blue and white collar workers. Creative types, discoverers, innovators will be surviving in such a society.

We have to start learning creative thinking and problem-solving skills

The world has already started taking actions. New universities are being established just for the purpose of training the younger generation for jobs that are not yet invented. To prepare Sri Lankan youth to face this challenge providently, DT@SL is founded by Prof. Suranga Nanayakkara with the support from a pool of passionate individuals with a strong background in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

What we do

Our vision is to Nurture technically-grounded leaders, problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs to make a positive influence in serving societal needs.

DT@SL is currently on a mission to conduct face-to-face workshops to equip the youth in Sri Lanka with Design Thinking methods. These methods unlock a new dimension of thinking, which is proven to provides the basis for progress in a highly competitive space. Further, cultivating these refreshing concepts in minds of young adults, will not only ignite a transformative attitude change to unleash their potential, but also, will trigger a positive influence on the overall culture of the Sri Lankan society.

DT Education

Interactive seminars for private and public sector professionals who want to learn design thinking fundamentals.

DT Guidance

One-day workshops for organizations and young adults to apply design thinking to address specific problems.

DT Bootcamp

Multi-day residential workshop focused on helping students to appreciate, understand and apply design innovation in their efforts to identify and solve problems that make a positive impact.

Our workshops are designed by Prof. Suranga Nanayakkara who has several years of experience in developing and teaching Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking courses at the undergraduate and corporate level. He is an Associate Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS). Before joining NUS, Suranga was as Associate Professor at University of Auckland, an Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and a Postdoctoral Associate at the Fluid Interfaces group, MIT Media Lab. He received his PhD in 2010 and BEng in 2005 from the National University of Singapore. For the totality and breadth of achievements, he has won many awards including young inventor under 35 (TR35 award) in the Asia Pacific region by MIT TechReview, Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka (TOYP), and INK Fellowship 2016.

Experts Say

  • Creativity is not something that you are born with or you just have it, creativity can be coached. I have seen enough evidences of this during various Design Thinking workshops we conducted in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

    Prof. Suranga Nanayakkara, Head of Augmented Lab, The University of Auckland
  • Good design thinking was a key reason for Singapore’s successful journey from third world to first, and it will be critical in the country's future transformation, for it to remain an outstanding city in the world

    Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore
  • Leaders now look to innovation as a principal source of differentiation and competitive advantage; they would do well to incorporate design thinking into all phases of the process.

    Mr. Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO


Design Innovation Bootcamp is our Signature program where we embark on a mission of creating a nationwide movement towards empowering Sri Lankan youth to contribute towards an innovation ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

This 3-day residential program offers a fresh perspective for participants on concepts and skills of creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and leadership from a multi-disciplinary approach. The workshop integrates essential skills and mindset of innovation with design methods including problem formulation, teamwork, creative ideation, and prototyping. At the end of 3rd day, participants demonstrate their formulation and completion of the full cycle of an idea to innovation at a finale event with VIPs. This lay the foundation for future collaborations and a wider outreach.


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Other Engagements

We’ve been supporting companies, schools and individuals to embrace Design Thinking. Our clients vary from Multi-National & Local companies, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Military, University students, School Leavers and School Students. Our uniqueness is the expertise in customised coaching for participants depending on their background and domain.


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